Duck Hunter at Three

IMG_0862IMG_0856 IMG_0872




3 thoughts on “Duck Hunter at Three

  1. Well mr. martin, two things: 1) I did live and teach on an alaskan island for two years while using a fuji x100, and 2) I have never spoken with fuji tech support. 3) this means that we ought to find this mystery third island-living-x100-user-&-blogger. Maybe form a cohort, an elite club. I’ve been on something of a photography hiatus for some time now, and recently I’ve felt a change in the winds nudging me to return to the shutter. Your blog, all the life and beauty in it, is tremendously inspiring. Way to live, man 🙂

    I’ll be looking for this third alaskan-island-x100-blogger, let you know if I find anything.


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